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Monday, April 22, 2019
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FN Energy Has The Answers For Your Questions

Rebates are paid 4 times per year. If your rebate payable exceeds the threshold amount ($100 today). However, at a minimum, each Future Now Energy customer receives the rebate once per year even if they do not exceed the threshold amount. 

No. Your existing supplier continues to deliver gas through their pipelines. Your monthly natural gas bill still comes from the utility; the only change is that FNE- Future Now Energy will be listed as the natural gas supplier. 

None. You are charged the same components the utility always charged you; the basic monthly charge, a gas delivery charge and the charge for gas consumed. 

*Depending on your location, administration and/or cancellation fees may apply.

FNE acquires gas from gas producers. The producer delivers that gas to the utility. The utility then delivers that gas to you as you require it. 

The utility will process FNE’s request when their next flow date is available. 

Your existing gas supplier continues to repair and maintain its infrastructure. The costs of these services are included in the rates charged by the utility for distributing the gas. 

Nothing. While this is highly unlikely, if it does happen the utility will deliver gas to you if your retailer’s supply fails.



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